Common Massage Myths Debunked

Living in the expensive city of London can cause a lot of stress. Getting a sensual massage in London remains one of the best ways to release the pent up stress and tension in your body but sometimes people are apprehensive about making an appointment. The reason for this is some myths about massages that are running through the grapevine. People get to hear or read about them and have second thoughts about going for a massage London. Here are some of the common massage myths debunked.Common Massage Myths Debunked

Massages Are Expensive

Rarely do you have to pay more than a pound per minute for a massage London. An average massage from a quality facility costs around £50 and not more than that. So, saying that massages are expensive is stretching the fact. Given that you don’t have to go for a massage more than once every couple of weeks, the cost is spread over that period of time. Moreover, in some cases, your health insurance would cover the cost of the massage. Enquire about it. You may get a free massage!

Massages Take a Lot of Time

This is not the case at all. You don’t have to go for an hour-long erotic massage London every time you want to release stress and feel relaxed. You can have a shorter session, in fact some facilities provide sessions as short as 15 minutes. The effect remains the same, i.e. you feel much better. This means that you can easily fit a weekly massage into your busy schedule.

Massages Are a Dubious Business

There are some massage facilities and spas that are notorious for running a shady business under the guise of providing massage therapy. However, this doesn’t mean that every massage London provider falls into the same category. There are some great facilities you will find that provide a high quality of service to enable you to enjoy the health benefits of a massage. Read more tips…

Massages Are for ‘Open’ People

Some people feel awkward and shy if strangers touch their bodies. If you are reluctant to get massage because of this, think again. The masseuses and masseurs are trained to make clients feel welcome and the overall atmosphere is quite friendly. All it takes is some determination on your part. Once you have had a London massage, you won’t feel the same away about it again. So, massages are for everyone, not just for ‘open’ people.

Massages Help Release Stress but Not Much More

First things first, this argument doesn’t have much substance at all. Stress is the number one cause of most health problems people in London face these days, including diabetes, heart problems, etc. So, having the stress released from your body is a sure-fire way to prevent such issues. Trips to the massage centre once every two weeks or so could save you trips to the doctor. Plus, massage therapy can help you manage pain and discomfort from injuries and conditions like Parkinson’s.

These are some common massage myths debunked. You don’t need to feel apprehensive about going for a London massage.

The lesson about sensuality

The tantric massage – the lesson about sensuality

Because our lives tend to become monotonous, the same circle between work, home and some occasional social interactions, we don’t always do or find things to spice our lives. And when a rock concert or a beach trip become too tiring or too time consuming, we need to get more local, search something that should be both convenient and relaxing. With a tantric massage London you can check all that criteria for a perfect relaxation, as it doesn’t involve too much trouble from your part, and you will have a professional to take care of you, pamper you, make you feel relaxed and de-stressed and will bring a touch of exotic in your life, as this type of massage is very special and very sensual.tantric massage services

As there are always stressful things in our lives, things that make us anxious, worried and increase the pressure that we have as adults to have good and stable, jobs, to be able to provide for our families, to make sure everybody is happy and well taken care of and on top of that we put a lot of pressure on us because of the social constraints that we sometimes feel about the way we are, behave, exteriorize. And all this stress can build up and can lead to serious health problems, starting with muscle knots that cause headaches and pain and leading up to more serious problems like anxiety, depression and in the end weakening our body, our tonus and preventing us from being in the best shape possible. It’s also known that on a stress base our body is weakened and loses the ability to fight diseases, parasites and other things that threaten our health.

That is why is really important to make sure we keep the stress level under control and that we find things that help us lower that tension like hobbies or go for a run, take some fresh air and oxygenate. And for the lazier of us, there’s always the option of getting a massage, which will surely lower the tension and the stress and will give you the boost of energy that you desperately needed. After just one session you will feel how your tonus is improved and you will feel energized and revitalized. Because of the techniques used, the blood flow is stimulated, which ensures that the organs are better oxygenated and the important nutrients are being carried more efficiently in the entire body. That is why you will feel that energizing effect. Also, you can treat your headaches, sleep problems, digestion problems, anxiety, depression and you will see the same positive improvements after just one session.

The tantric outcall massage London is more special because it’s inspired by the practice of yoga and Kama Sutra and it’s about using technique designed to increase the arousal and allow you to enjoy a climax through massage. The touches are gentler and the focus is on the sexual organs, like on the yoni and lingam massage, terms that represent the female and male sexual organs. By using these techniques the sexual energy is harvested and manipulated towards pleasure and relaxation. The point is to mimic the interaction between two lovers in their union, that is why the tantric massage is is very sensual but also very intimate and erotic; special techniques and special oils are used, like with the nuru massage that originates from Japan and where an organic, sea weed based oil is used and the massage is performed by a naked masseuse that will use her body to give you that relaxation and excitement you needed.

London Oriental Massage: Benefitting from Shiatsu

One of the most common approaches incorporated in a oriental massage London is Shiatsu. The origins of Shiatsu can be traced back to the Orient where it was and is still used for treating the imbalance of energy along with several other physical disorders. Though this technique may be considered as an average way of performing an oriental massage, the basic principle that it’s been supporting for more than 200 years indicates that there’s a lot more to Shiatsu than just being a mere therapy massage.

As a matter of fact, using a method comprising of point-pressuring with palms, thumbs, elbows, fingers, feet, toes, and knees as instruments instead of various medical or mechanical instruments helps drastically improve one’s wellbeing and health on the whole. Thus, Shiatsu can be regarded as a complete treatment for energy level rebalancing.Oriental massage London

Following are the few benefits associated with Shiatsu massages:

–              Facilitates the functions of the digestive system

–              Improves blood circulation

–              Allows muscular flexibility – this applies to the skin as well

–              Regulates the functions of the nervous system

–              Helps in the recovery of balance in your bones

–              Improves the functioning of the endocrines

–              Improves the body’s natural ability to ward off illnesses

Thus, the point-pressure therapy used in a asian massage London using the Shiatsu technique regulates flow of Chi (energy life force) through a series of meridians linked to the human body’s vital organs. This regulation of the energy flow then acts as an important instrument in correcting internal dysfunctions along with bringing your physical condition back on track.

Since the balance of energy flow is directly associated with your overall wellbeing, treating yourself to a London oriental massage can help you normalize these energy levels, leading to an improved state of intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. Plus, the principle of Shiatsu works rather instantly in targeting the pressure points where the energy flow is the lowest.

A person feeling stressed and tired all the time is definitely categorized among those individuals whose bodies are unable to cope with the strain exerted by external factors like work, relationships, traffic, etc. And by administering the Shiatsu technique, a trained oriental professional can easily relieve them of their painful ailments. The professional works with his or her feet, knees, hands, and elbows to correct the irregularities of blood and energy flow within the receiver’s body, helping them achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Alost everyone has to go through various daily experiences of life that feature harshness and trials at different levels and rebalancing energy through Shiatsu can really help these individuals improve their lives for good, allowing them a chance to be happier, more spirited, and emotionally satisfied. Thus, Shiatsu is not only a simple massage therapy technique, but its limitations stretch much farther than the average human mind can imagine. For people seeking more meaning in the field of physical and mental wellbeing, Shiatsu is certainly something to look forward to.